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Audio Post Production
File Transfer
We can import and export data, to and from
The Sound Factory's audio software of choice is Steinberg's Nuendo.
Nuendo is a 32 bit, floating point, native system for flexibility and crystal clear audio.
These files can be sent on DVD, CD, memory stick
The Sound Factory has a fully equipped audio post facillity for dubbing to pictures.
The importance of clear sound cannot be overstated. Poor sound will ruin an otherwise beautiful video.
We have the know-how to polish your soundtrack and make sure your message is clearly understood,
We can mix mono, stereo and surround sound, whatever suits your production and pocket. Final mixes
can be delivered as wav, aiff, DTS, Dolby Digital, on video tape, DA88, or whatever you specify.
Perfect for recording clean intimate voice-over
video replay and talkback facillities.
Having a BBC trained dubbing mixer we are fully compliant with broadcast and non-broadcast standards.
sound designs to be achieved. We hold a number of standard
Please note - Restoration or copying work is only undertaken with the copyright holder's permission.
as well as adding impact.
and commentary, our ventilated vocal booth has
effects to enhance your project.
or FTP via the internet.
other facilities, using OMF or AAF.
We have full audio editing facilities enabling the most complex
sound effects in stock, as well as recording and creating new
We also offer an audio restoration service as well as copying
and format conversions
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