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location sound recording services
audio post production services
McBusted recording for FaceBook
portable recorders or a combination.
Whether it's one person up a mountain, or all the students in a classroom. We have the expertise and
experience to capture the moment for ever - on tape, hard-drive, compact flash, SD card or
whatever new technology appears!
in Europe and the USA, a comprehensive
recording, not only in the UK but also
With extensive experience of location
and flexible service is available.
From single to multiple microphones
recording to one or more cameras,
Either mixed on site or "split tracked"
for flexibility in post production.
Live Mixing
Also available is multi source live mixing, with or without recording, for broadcast or web streaming.
Location Recording
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The Sound Factory
painting pictures with sound
We can provide timecoded audio recording facilities from two to forty-eight tracks.
Timecode and Multitracking
This Morning live from Borough Market
Blue Peter live from The London Velodrome